New project from The IMMEG, lead by designer, journalist, & brand manager, KAMMs TheACE aims to provide branding solutions that give clients competitive edge

If you own a small business, are an artist, or you are simply looking for a competitive edge in your market, The IMMEG has the startup solution for you. The answer is branding.

What is branding? To answer that we must start with defining the term brand.

A brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Substitute seller for “you.” Initially, branding was adopted to differentiate one person’s cattle from another’s by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a hot iron stamp. This idea is now used in business, marketing, and advertising to achieve the same results. [x]

In simpler terms a brand is what makes you unique and allows you to leave your stamp on your market.

A brand is not a product. A great brand allows you to sell or market any product. Successful branding provides you with credibility, a network, opportunities, uniqueness, and much more by attaching relevant characteristics to you or your business, using tailored identifying “marks.”

Think of Apple. Everybody is familiar with Apple. But (just about) everybody is also familiar with Dell. So what’s the difference between Dell & Apple? Those first few thoughts that came to mind when you thought about both companies is a result of branding. Fact or fiction, accurate or inaccurate, good or bad, the bottom line is that certain things come to mind when you think about Apple. Those things influences your decisions whether you realize it or not. Apple is more than just a company, Apple is a brand.

Tælor’d • Existence, in concert with The IMMEG, has worked with several underground artists, small businesses, and young professionals to help create, maintain, &/or refine their own brands. Bassist, Tiffany Morris, more commonly known as “BassMonsterTiff,” has successfully become a brand with very little effort on her part, and the proper tools from us. By simply playing up her innate characteristics, quirks, and inherent style, we began branding BMT a little over a year ago. Her fans now associate certain things with her, for example the color purple, her homemade “bass glove,” her signature “RAWWR,” and her natural awkwardness.

Business Card, TheSeKondElement

Think about what you want your name or business to be synonymous with. Then ask how you can accomplish that. Through branding! A professional and custom designed business card that suits your personality can make more of an impression than you know while simultaneously attaching positive traits of your choosing to the memory you left behind.

Branding takes time and consistency, and moreover a bit of audacity, creativity, & innovation. That’s where we come in. Our head designer, KAMMs TheACE, studied Mass Communication, Public Relations, & Graphic Design at Xavier University & Loyola University in New Orleans, earning her a Bachelor’s and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of brand management and visual media. A photographer since 2008, and graphic designer since 2009, KAMMs has worked with a wide range of clients from Red Bull to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to Indiana University School of Medicine and many, many more.

Websites, logos, business cards, photo shoots, written biographies, press kits, and more have been provided by KAMMs to clients both here in America and abroad as tools that allow artists, small businesses, and professionals to successfully create their own brands and set them apart from the crowd.

All of our startup packages include a website/customized blog and the branding tools you need to get started. Pick the package that’s right for you or contact us today about customizing a package to suit your needs.

We have incredibly competitive rates, with most basic packages starting at just $200, which can be paid in installments. There’s no reason affordability should stop you from accomplishing your goals.

The tools we provide are unique to your goals and your field. Whether you are attempting to brand yourself as an artist, have a small business that needs a website and other professional marketing materials, or you are a young professional wanting to stand out in the saturated job market, we can provide the solution that fits your needs.

KAMMs TheACE is currently a Brand Manager for a small business in California, a Technology Education Agent for The Geek Squad, a photographer and lead designer for The IMMEG, and the lead consultant for life-styling & personal branding subsidiary, TÆLOR’D • EXISTENCE, and can be contacted directly for booking and questions.

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